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Watching a terrier's dog book, we discover a breed that inmediatly catched our attention: the Cesky Terrier. Their elegance, their soft coat, very different from most of terriers, their special temperament were reasons enough to try to find a breeder of this breed.

Show after show we were very sad as no ceskies were entered. But then our friend Cesar Alonso, international judge and the groomer of our dogs, told us about a gorgeous male he judged at Paris show. And then at Milan's World Dog Show we saw a silver dream: CH Devilsbridge Grezle. She is the grandmother of our first cesky, CH. Marisol Boheme Van Bodasca, and just curious, the gorgeous dog Cesar talked us about, become her father.

Today we enjoy our lives with some others as the breed has conquered our hearts. But we would like to thank one more time Charlotte Froon (Van Bodasca Kennel) for give us such magnificent Cesky Terrier.

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